IS THE UD-160-A USB 2.0 Universal Docking Station SUPPORTED IN WINDOWS 8

For benefit of anyone else curious about UD-160-A support on Windows 8, the short answer here is yes. Todd had some more detailed questions we’re working with him on in a private ticket.

For updates on current Windows 8 compatibility status please take a look at:…

A quick summary is that with the notable exception of Windows RT devices having NO support for traditional desktop drivers and apps, if it works on Windows 7, it should work on Windows 8 as well, so long as it’s an x86/x64 bit system, not an ARM based Windows RT system like Microsoft Surface.

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Jeff Everett
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I am trying to resolve a problem on a Lenovo Yoga 13 running Windows 8 where both Netflix and Hulu refuse to stream video and report that the “Your graphics drivers appear to be outdated”. I believe that this started when I connected up my Plugable UGA-2K-A

Hi Larry,

Sorry to hear about the issues you are reporting. In order to get some detail about what’s happening on your system, please run the DisplayLink Support Tool and forward the output over to us at along with your Amazon Order Id and a link to this thread.

Here’s instructions on how to run the support tool:…

Once we get this additional information, we’ll be able to figure out the best way to get you fixed up.


Because of the problems mentioned in our blog post at:…
we’re not yet recommending Windows 8 with DisplayLink devices, until there is
time for some of these problems to be understood and resolved.

Please check the link above for additional details.

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