Windows 8 RTM


I just updated my computer to Windows 8 RTM and my UGA-2K-A no longer works as it on the release preview.

I am getting continuous errors as follows “The Desktop Window Manager has encountered a fatal error (0x8898008d)”. This result in the Desktop completely crashing and returning you to the Windows Login Screen.

When do you expect to release updated drivers that support Win 8 RTM?

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for posting. There will be some unique Windows 8 issues, that should shake out between now and when it’s officially released on Oct 26th. The best place to track progress would be…

That said, what you’re seeing might be something simple. For Windows 8, you’ll want to make sure you’re on the latest DisplayLink drivers (5.6 M1 or 7.0 beta 1), available here:…

In general for an operating system upgrade, we’d recommend uninstalling 3rd party drivers before upgrading, do the OS upgrade, and then re-install the latest drivers. It’s a little paranoid, but it can avoid any conflicts.

And if what you’re seeing happens even on the latest version of drivers, generally on Windows we see problems like this resolved by the next driver update. To set expectations, that takes time (weeks, not days). So thanks for your patience.

For anyone hitting Windows 8 RTM problems, please let us know what version of DisplayLink drivers you’re on and what you’re seeing – we’ll try to collect all issues and respond quickly.

Thanks again for the reports!

Hi Bernie,

Thanks for the quick response!

So as it turns out, Whilst I thought I had the latest drivers, I actually had downloaded older Win 8 Beta drivers.

I can see now that you have a new driver download page on the displaylink site, whilst Google sent me to the old one on the plugable site.

With the new drivers, everything seems to be working well!! :slight_smile: