Windows 8.1 BootCamp extended desktop multiple monitors UD-3900 dock

We are looking to run windows 8.1 using BootCamp on the latest 2015 MacBook Pro 13" Models connected to your USB3.0 pluggable dual display dock connected to 2 monitors using windows extended desktop mode over both monitors (UD-3900).

Can you confirm that there will be no display driver issues etc. as we are running completely under windows on extended desktop to display (although its via bootcamp). (which there are with Yosemite)

have you got the answer on this? thanks-

Hi Russell, Thomas,

Thanks for posting, and first I must apologize that you never received a response to your question as there must have been a glitch in our forum. Again my apologies…

To the original question and Thomas’s follow-up, when using a MacBook running Windows via Bootcamp we would expect our dock to work properly. While we can’t guarantee there wouldn’t be any issues, many of our customers are using Mac’s running Windows via Bootcamp without problems. Please keep in mind that at this time we don’t support our UD-3900 dock within Mac OS X itself.

Thanks, and again apologies for the very late reply.

Plugable Technologies