Windows 7 won't start, can't do anything

Just installed the UGA 2K A and now computer is totally frozen, can’t restart Windows, I’m completely dead in the water. This is a very frustrating experience.

Hi andrew,

Thanks for contacting Plugable Support. Sorry to hear about your frustrating experience, I’ll be able to help. If your machine is frozen but still powered on, just press and hold the power button until it powers off. This will take close to 10 seconds.

Once it’s off, make sure the UGA-2K-A is disconnected and restart holding “f8”. This will boot into “safe mode”. From here you’ll be able to uninstall the DisplayLink drivers and reboot your computer. This should bring you back to your original setup.

The most common cause of these symptoms is the presence of another USB graphics driver. If you’ve installed USB graphics from another vendor, uninstall them, reboot and re-install DisplayLink.

The best way to do the uninstall is through control panel, programs and features.

If you’re still having issues or if this doesn’t apply to your situation, reply with the make and model of computer you have and any troubleshooting details and we’ll figure out next steps.

Thanks for your patience,

Plugable Technologies.