Windows 7 - System Shut Down (Laptop + 2 Monitors) with Plugable USB3.0 to 2K HDMI


I would be very grateful for your advice please. I’ve just purchased a Plugable USB3 to 2K HDMI Adaptor. My laptop was high spec at one point:

  • Windows 7 - 64 Bit
  • i7-2760 QM CPU 2.4GHz
  • 32GB RAM

I’ve just decided to connect it to 2 additional monitors. (1 DVI and 1 HDMI connected using the USB3 to 2K HDMI Plugable adaptor).

  1. The first problem stated was the message:

DisplayLink Installer has detected that your USB3.0 Controller could be incompatible with DisplayLink Hardware. Please download and update Renesas USB3.0 host controller driver before using DisplayLink technology.

I used the help file link that appeared with this message to install the latest Renesas USB3.0 host controller driver, but still get this message ?

  1. The second problem, if I swap the screen order around a few times (while trying decided the best display config) the system crashes.

  2. If I leave the laptop for about 5 minutes, the system closes down ?

When I have the laptop + 1 screen (either via DVI or HDMI) without the Plugable device, the system runs with no problem.

I would be very grateful for your advice, please.

Kind Regards,


I see you’ve reached out directly to our support email as well. We’ll need to collect logs from your system to determine what’s going on here, so I’ll send instructions via email for that!

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