Windows 7 shuts down

I bought the USB Docking Station and worked perfectly at work so I bought another one for my wife’s home office. However, every time I plg it in, I get a blue screen saying that Windows 7 has found a problem and is shutting down to avoid harm to the computer. I have tried several times and the computer keeps rebooting until I unplug the cable.
What should I do?

Hi Arturo,

Thanks for contacting Plugable Support, we’ll be able to help. Sorry to hear about experience you are having. To get started troubleshooting, I’ll need a little more information. Can you please shoot an email over to with the following:

  1. Amazon Order Id.

  2. The make and model of computer.

  3. If possible, can you try your dock on your wife’s computer and tell us if it works? Does the new dock behave the same on her computer?

  4. A link to this thread.

Once we get these details at, we’ll be able to figure out our best next steps.


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