Windows 7 can detect but won't identify

Added 3rd monitor using USB 2.0 VGA Display adapter. Windows 7 see’s the third monitor fine however the monitor will not light up. Windows detects but can’t identify as the 3rd device won’t go to a ready state. All drivers are updated and tried several VGA cables which work fine on other devices. The monitor is hard coded for VGA, NOT DVI-D. sent email with diags to Pulgable yesterday but no response

For any having a similar experience to this, I was in contact with Rick privately to help troubleshoot this issue.

What ended up being the problem was a third-party display software package by ShoreTel. This package was creating a virtual display device and interfering with DisplayLink.

Whenever software interacts with displays, it has the potential to disrupt DisplayLink software, which is also software that interacts with displays. If you’re experiencing similar issues, please contact us at so we can help!