Windows 7 64-bit OS won't recognize USB Hub when I restart my computer

I’ve installed the USB 3.0 I/O Card with 2 USB ports, and Windows 7 initially recognizes the usb hub, and I was able to use an external HD unit with no issues - at first. However, as soon as I restarted the computer, the hub is unable to turn on according to device manager. I’ve tried reinstalling the latest renesas driver, which worked once, but now I can’t get my computer to recognize any of this. I completely uninstalled the driver and reinstalled it, but that didn’t work. I’ve tried starting the pc with the ext hd on, and with it off, and nothing now seems to work. The card lights up on the board, and the ext hd powers up fine with no error beeps.

Is there something I need to do in order for my pc to recognize this every time I turn my pc on? I shouldn’t have to unplug the card and replug it so that the plug and play will recognize it. So am I missing something here, please help?


Hi Kevin,

Thank you for contacting us about the difficulties you are having with your Plugable PCI Express to SuperSpeed USB 3.0 card. I’m sorry you are having difficulties with it.

Just to clarify, you said that when you installed the USB I/O card and drivers and started Windows 7 the first time after that, the card was recognized by Windows and worked fine. But when you restarted your computer, Windows did not find the card and it was not recognized in Device manager. You tried reinstalling the drivers, and it worked once, but not after that. The card lights up, and the HD powers up with no error beeps, but the card still does not work.

This is definitely not normal behavior. The computer should automatically recognize the card each time, and the HD should just work.

One place to start: We’ve noticed that proper seating is very important for this card. Could you verify that the card is fully seated? It should be deep enough in the slot that the connector pads are completely hidden by the PCIe slot. Sometimes alignment of the case and motherboard can cause the bracket to be at an angle keeping the card from seating fully.

Also, we have sometimes experienced issues related to the slot the card is installed in, especially if the slot was not a 1x slot. Could you try a different slot and see if that helps?