Windows 10 version 2004 audio

Before I updated to Windows 10 version 2004, the audio in my Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero sounded normal and coming straight into my headset and sounded perfect. But once I updated last night to the windows 10 version 2004, my audio all of the sudden has sounded like the audio isn’t coming into my headset directly but more likely the audio is playing from a speaker then the audio from the speaker is going through my headset into my ears. Any help would be appreciated.

Same problem here! After 2004 install - Bluetooth audio is ‘unusable’. Breaks up like crazy - ultra poor quality. So far have not turned up a fix- but I’ve read 2004 has a ‘bunch of issues’ (Typical Microsoft, I guess).

Hi everyone,

Windows 10 version 2004 does currently have a variety of newly introduced driver issues, and we can help investigate this issue if you are interested.

Please contact us via email at with a PlugDebug log and your order information if you are willing to investigate this further.



Thanks for getting back to us. I’m using the Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to an ‘Integrated tube amp’. It actually connects and plays - but sound quality went down the drain. What it sounds like is the the amp is receiving a ‘higher sample rate’ than it is capable of playing. I cannot change this in sound ‘properties’ anymore (it is grayed out). Definitely a problem Microsoft has to correct with new driver. Previously - everything played perfectly. If you have a Microsoft contact- you can relay this problem to them for maybe a better response than if I did it.


We have heard a few reports of varying issues with Windows 10 and Bluetooth when using the 2004 update.

We’ll try to provide feedback to Microsoft, but it is also worthwhile to use the ‘Feedback Hub’ app in Windows 10, and report a problem.


I left MS ‘feedback’ this morning. Will post if I get any response.