Windows 10 - Unable to pair Wii Remote to PC

So I recently bought a Wii Remote and a Plugable USB Bluetooth Dongle with the intention of pairing my controler to my computer for use in various games. However, every attempt I made to pair the controller to my computer resulted in the controller not even being detected. I’ve tried pairing via Add a Bluetooth Device and by a Personal Area Network. My first thought was that maybe the dongle was malfunctioning, however, I was able to pair my phone to my computer.

At this point I’m starting to get irritated and I’m looking for help to try and resolve my issue.

Hi Lavande,

Thank you for posting about this. I apologize for the delay in answering over the weekend.

The Wii remote doesn’t follow the Bluetooth standards, and you will need third-party software to take advantage of its capabilities in Bluetooth. For this reason we can’t support it, as we mention in the FAQ section of the Amazon listing:

Q: Will this work with Wii Remotes?
A: It might work, but we cannot say for sure. As with PlayStation peripherals, third-party software is needed to make use of the remotes, which we cannot support.

If this was the only purpose you were hoping to use the Bluetooth adapter for, I would be happy to help with a return and full refund.

Thank you,

Plugable Support

Hi Lavande,

I’m going to close this thread, if you have any further questions or issues, please contact us directly at Thanks!