Windows 10 RTM with 4K HDMI works, but then stops.


Windows 10 RTM with 4K TV works for 2-3 minutes, then the TV freezes… meanwhile, the PC shows that TV as no longer there. I need to reboot to get the screen to come back again. I’m on the latest versions of everything and this is a fresh install. Any workarounds?


Hi Rob,

Thanks for posting. This is definitely not expected behavior, so we’ll want to dig into some log files to see what might be causing this. Let’s try the following:

-Reproduce the behavior with the frozen screen and PC showing the TV as no longer there.

-When it’s in this non-working state, please gather logs using our log-gathering tool from the page below:

-The logs will be saved as a .ZIP file to your Desktop. Please email the file to (and please put “Ticket 111810” in the subject of the email).

We’ll have a look at the logs and see what the best approach will be.



@Gary - at this point, this seems to no longer be an issue. I didn’t do anything, other than Activate Windows, which led to more Windows Updates being available, and it just started becoming stable.

At this point, I’ve been using it non-stop for about a day with several (intentional) reboots and I’ve had zero problems. It works without a single issue now.

Thanks for the reply and sorry for the false-alarm (and that I don’t have more detail about what “fixed” it!)


Hi Rob,

Always a bit odd when problems get spontaneously fixed (though I suppose it’s better than things spontaneously breaking).

My hunch is that new graphics drivers for your primary GPU got pushed with Windows Update, leading to the improved behavior - with the quick release cycle of Win10, there have been a flurry of GPU driver updates over the past couple weeks.

Hopefully things will remain well behaved, but if the gremlins return by all means let us know and we can dig in further.