Windows 10 Night Light Feature Won't Work with the UD-3900 and an External Monitor

Using the UD-3900 USB 3.0 Docking Station and a HDMI cable connected from the UD-3900 and an External Monitor, has anybody had success using the Windows 10 Night Light Feature? This night light feature works fine with my laptop’s internal monitor. And it also works great with a direct HDMI connection from the pc’s HDMI out port to the external monitor, thus bypassing the UD-3900 Dock. It may have something to do with the UD-3900 DisplayLink not supporting the night light feature.

Hello Dale, thank you for posting. We also noticed that you had sent a direct email to our support team and I have responded to that separately with the below comment:

"Unfortunately, you would be correct that the reason Night Light mode is not working on monitors connected via our dock is because of the DisplayLink software and it’s handling of some color calibration/blue light filter software.

In searching the DisplayLink forums I found this discussion –>… where a DisplayLink agent had replied stating that:

“you can install the latest F.lux 4 application which should work and serves the same purpose.

This would be the only workaround we could advise until Microsoft and DisplayLink can work to implement the Night Shift feature with DisplayLink graphics adapters.

DisplayLink also has a suggestion board where DisplayLink users can make suggestions for feature support. F.lux (and blue light filter support in general) is a long-time requested feature and it recently became compatible with Windows 10 and DisplayLink drivers (…).

I apologize that I cannot be of more help in getting the built-in Night Shift functionality working.

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies"