Windows 10 Desktop icons disappeared after installing plugable USB 2.0 UGA


This is my third adapter. I didn’t have the problems with the other ones. But with this new one I recently bought and combined with the Windows 10, I realized that the desktop icons disappeared from both monitors. So, I have no icons left in the desktop.
I already tried to uninstall and install new drivers for Windows 10 from your website but no avail. I still have the same problem. The machine works well in extending the monitor but the desktop icons are lost.

It would be great if you can let me know the way how to bring them back.


Hello Mehmet,

I am sorry to hear this. Sound like the desktop icons are not enabled. Please right click your desktop, select “Personalization” and enable your icons via the “Change desktop icons” menu.

Worst case scenario we are dealing with operating system corruption. You might have to double verify if the current user you are logged in as is in fact the same user account your are usually use ("%systemdrive%\Users"" would be what you would post into an explorer window)

Kind regards,
Plugable Technologies

I might have misinterpreted your initial problem. Are you extending or mirroring your desktop?

Hi Patric,

Thanks for your reply.
I am extending the desktop. I cannot check your solution now as I am at work and that is home computer. I will let you know what happened once I get home.


Hi Mehmet,

Sounds good, get back to us whenever you can. It is also important to know which monitor is you main monitor which you can find in the “Screen resolution” menu.

Hi Patrick,
Due to another reason, I had to reinstall Windows 10 and now everything is good with the Plugable, i.e. I have the desktop extension working fine and the desktop items are in place.

Hello Mehmet,

Thank you for letting us know. Good to hear you are up and running again!