Windows 10 Build 10240 issues


If anyone is having issues with Windows 10 and the 10240 upgrade, I started a thread on DisplayLink’s forum to see if they can help out. I had 10130 working completely and the upgrade to 10240 disabled Plugable Audio and Ethernet. Monitors and USB ports are working.…


Hi Josh,

Thanks for posting both here and in the DL forums.

I’m hitting the same type of behavior one one of our test boxes. I’ve collected logs and sent them to DisplayLink as well, and they’re investigating.

Will respond again as soon as we have more info.



The DisplayLink thread has updates which fixed the audio and ethernet issues, but I now have a monitor ID issue. I’m close, but not quite right.


Hi Josh,

On our affected test system, the NIC/audio issue is not resolved by a clean installation. So we’re hoping DisplayLink can find the culprit in the installer logs.

Interesting that you’re seeing a monitor ID issue. Haven’t encountered this with Windows 10, but I’ve seen this happen periodically going all the way back to WinXP. (Though just to be clear, I’ve seen this regularly on systems that aren’t using DisplayLink. Generally it seems to be a Windows+multiple displays issue rather than specifically a DisplayLink issue.)



After a disconnect of the UD device from the ASUS, reboot of the PC, and reconnect of the UD to the PC, I can trick the System Display to working, but the ID’s are still off if I swap monitors. Again, might be a Win10 issue, but I’m workable now. Just documenting for future users that might need some fixes for their issues.


Much appreciated Josh! :slight_smile:


After unplugging the Asus to go to a meeting, I have shut down, plug in the UD-3900, and then boot to get the monitors to work again. USB and Ethernet works without a reboot. Is this the standard procedure with this device?


Hi Josh,

This is not expected behavior - the graphics functionality should be there without needing a reboot. Since the Ethernet is still working (and uses the same DisplayLink chip as the graphics device) my suspicion is that it’s a software issue of some sort with the graphics portion of the drivers or the underlying services.

If you get the system back in this state with non-working graphics, can you please collect and submit another set of logs prior to rebooting?


I think this was either the build or the Asus, as I am testing Windows 10 Pro RTM installed by Microsoft on Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 devices and I am not seeing these issues.