We have Dell laptop with a docking station that was upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. The machine periodically crashes with the blue screen of death and the following error:


We upgraded the driver associated with “Dell USB 3.0 Dock” to version 7.9.630.0 dated 10/16/15. It blue screened again today. Advice?


Hi Richard,

Thanks for posting! Just a quick question, is this a Plugable branded docking station or a Dell branded docking station? Your mention of the Dell USB 3.0 dock driver is what makes me ask, as the driver we recommend for our products will be listed as a DisplayLink driver. If the dock is made by Dell you would have to contact them for assistance.

Just let us know which brand dock you are using and we’ll proceed accordingly.

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies



It is a Dell branded docking station (D3000) with a DisplayLink sticker on it:(

I looked at the Dell site and the driver I found doesn’t support Windows 10:

Am I just out of luck or is there any chance that I can get the Plugable driver to work?


Hi Richard,

Thanks for getting back so quickly with the update. While we can’t offer support for a product we didn’t make, a cursory examination of the DisplayLink support forum indicates the dock may work properly with the latest release of the DisplayLink driver available directly from DisplayLink’s site. There is even a recent post discussing the model dock you are using here -->…

Hopefully that information helps!

Thank you,