WIN7 user profiles missing after connection.

both boxes win7, connect cable, connection completes but dialogue windows that show list of available profiles to transfer is missing all but the account I am logged in with and/or the administrator account. Any updates available?

Hi Kenny,

Thank you for contacting us. I’m sorry things are working the way you expected.

I assume you are using our Transfer Cable. Could you provided with some more details on how you are using it?

Are you upgrading to one of the computers, or are you trying to sync data?

Are you using the Windows Easy Transfer Software, or the Bravura Easy Computer Sync software?


Plugable Support

I am using the Bravura Easy Computer Sync software and am trying to synchronize the local folders of my Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail. I have a series of local folders which I have added and which were not copied from my old computer (Windows XP) to my new computer (Windows 7 Pro), when I used Method 2. So now I am using Method 1, to synchronize the data in the “profiles” folder of XP to Windows 7. I have carefully followed the directions, selecting “Add Folder” and then selecting “Show Protected Folders,” but the “Application Data” file under my user name, which contains the “Thunderbird” and “Profiles” folder (the one I need to synchronize) does not appear in the old computer window, and the APPDATA folder containing the Thunderbird > Profiles folder does not appear in the Windows 7 window. What can I do?