Win10 PC goes dark after 30 seconds. Under control panel power options set to never for turn off display it had no effect.

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Could you please provide the specific model of Plugable device which you have connected to your Windows 10 PC? If you disconnect the Plugable device from the PC, do you still see the same problem?



Plugable uga-2khdmi I have tried with two different monitors a Samsung c27t550fdn and a hp 25es. Whenever I plug either one in after 30 seconds the screen goes dark and am logged out of my workstation. If I am using the PC it stays awake but if I go idle for 30 seconds I logs me off.I just got the plugable I’m using so I have the latest driver version. When I remove the monitor from the plugable I do not have the problem. Using it on a Lenovo thinkpad laptop about 2 years old.

Thanks for clarifying!

Are you using the laptop with the lid open or closed (commonly called “clamshell” mode)? If you’re keeping the lid closed, can you try opening it up to see if the behavior changes?

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