WIn10 audio routing with multiple external monitors

I figured I’d ask here among the experts in multiple monitor setups.

My setup is: Laptop in the middle, HDMI-direct-connected external monitor on the left, Plugable-USB3-HDMI-connected external monitor on the right. Desktop is extended across all three displays. All have built-in stereo speakers. Laptop is an Acer A717-72G with on-board Realtek High Definition Audio.

Q1) Is it possible to set Win10 to route audio so that the left external monitor plays the left channel, the right external monitor plays the right channel, and laptop in the middle plays the center channel?

Q2) Is it possible to set Win10 to route audio so that each window plays its audio to the display it inhabits?

Thanks in advance.

Due to the weekend our support is somewhat limited. Our experts are scheduled to be back on Monday to better assist.

In the meantime, could you provide more details regarding which software is being used on each display that will be producing audio?

Thanks Andy. To answer your question: At any given time I have 6-8 programs running, from a catalog of about 12. I don’t (yet) have a set routine where certain programs are always displayed on a given monitor.

Also I’ve been googling and would be happy with any feedback on these or others:

Q2: ActualTools Audio Switcher Panel

Q1: VB-Audio Voicemeeter (although this seems limited to two output busses, rather than the three I’m after)

One thing you can look into is VoiceMeeter.

This allows on a per-application basis to route audio to specific audio inputs/outputs, including virtual sound devices created by VoiceMeeter.

From their website:

Voicemeeter is Audio Mixer Application endowed with Virtual Audio Device used as Virtual I/O to mix and manage any audio sources from or to any audio devices or applications.

I’ve used this software before, but not for quite this implementation.

You’ll also likely need to get software that allows you to create profiles to show certain applications on certain displays to operate in conjunction with VoiceMeeter. DisplayFusion is one that I’m aware of, but there are probably others.

This is not an endorsement of these pieces of software, nor promise of support in getting this all configured, but I hope this gives you a path to explore.

One point of clarification too. VoiceMeeter has different versions with different I/O limits. The “ultimate” version, with the most I/O, is “Potato”.

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