Win 10 updated, Plugable stopped working.

I am using a UGA-2K-A Rev B on Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview Build 10122 at work and Windows 10 Home Preview Build 10122 at home. Prior to Build 10122, the UGA-2Ks worked flawlessly. However, following the update to Build 10122, the machine running Win 10 Pro will no longer display via the UGA. Notably, the machine on Win 10 Home is still working fine.

Uncertain of the problem, I tried a different monitor with no change. I moved the USB plug to different ports with no change. I upgraded to driver 7.7 M4 with no change. Looking at Device Manager shows no errors.

I just purchased and installed an UGA-3000, also with no change. Again, Device Manager shows a USB Display Adapter (Plugable UGA-3000), working as expected.

When plugging and unplugging the adapter, the computer provides the correct disconnect and connect sounds, and the impacted display will briefly power up, then return to standby state. The impacted monitor does not show up as an option in Settings>System>Display.

I continue to look for solutions, but hope for some guidance from you. I am aware that Win 10 is pre-release, but I presume that you are interested in knowing of experiences in the field.

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for posting! I’d be happy to help.

As you mention Windows 10 is still in the Technical Preview phase from Microsoft and depending on which update track you are on things can change fairly rapidly. Since things are still in a state of flux we don’t officially support our devices on Windows 10 yet, but that being said we can certainly do our best to help.

DisplayLink (the manufacturer of the chips used in all of our products) has been working on a new driver for Windows 10 -->…

The latest release as of today is actually 7.9 Beta 1 -->…. I would recommend installing that driver to see if the behavior changes.

DisplayLink is also asking for direct feedback in their Windows 10 forum here -->… so they can triage any issues that arise. There is at least one post in that forum so far that indicates 7.9 Beta 1 is working with Build 10122 so that’s a good sign.

Hopefully that gets everything going again!

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies