Will USB hubs charge multiple devices from the wall outlet?


I am interested in one of the USB hubs. What I’m looking for is a USB hub I can plug into a wall outlet and charge multiple iPhones and iPods overnight. Do these do that?


Hi Lisa,

Thank you for the question! Normal USB 2.0 hubs won’t do that - so we don’t yet have the product you’re looking for. Here is more detailed background: http://getsatisfaction.com/plugable/t…

So for now, you would have to live with 1) Needing to be connected to PC that’s on 2) Limit of 500mA per port (iphones/ipods will charge fine overnight, but will take 3-5 hours, rather than 1-3 hours with the Apple adapter which pulls more than USB 2.0 specified 500mA per port)

And, as always, look at how many Amps the power adapter of the hub supports. Our 10 port hub has a 2.5A adapter, so it will charge up to 5 iPods at the full 500mA rate.

Long-term, you’re definitely not alone in wanting this functionality of a hub that can charge on its own, so we’re hopeful that we (and others) will be able to offer a product targeted exactly at this scenario soon (see the background link above for how that’s likely to happen).

Thanks for asking ahead! Hope this information helps!


what about headsets and bluetooths? My headsets not getting recharged.


Hi Marcus,

Thanks for posting! The Plugable 10 Port USB 2.0 Hub is a standard USB 2.0 hub, requiring a host computer to be attached and on to charge devices at the USB 2.0 max 500mA rate.

When an upstream computer is not connected or on, the ports on the Hub will only provide trickle power (less than 100mA) which will not be enough for most USB 2.0 devices to charge.

If you need any information or help regarding any of our products, feel free to shoot us an email at support@plugable.com. We are here to help!