Will this allow me to have a working 4 monitor setup?

Hello, It looks like there are quite a lot of your products im interested in purchasing. I would like to tell you my setup and maybe you can tell me if this will work prior to me buying. Sorry if im overly detailed as I just don’t have good technical knowledge and not sure what information you require to answer my questions.

1.Im moving from a 6 monitor array desktop with 3 video cards to a gaming laptop as my workstation replacement with 1 video card. This one http://www.amazon.com/GE70-Pro-012-i7…

2.This laptop has support for 2 external monitors already, however I would like to try and configure it with your products to support 4 total monitors (maybe 6 someday but 4 for now).

Using existing ports on the laptop I think I got 2 external monitors covered.

Laptop has:
Monitor 1 = VGA
Monitor 2 = HDMI

All my monitors are acer 22 inch with max resolution of 1680x1050 with both VGA and DVI ports but I plug in using DVI cables, they are 6 years old im not sure which version of DVI they are, 24+1 or something I think. While the laptop above is a gaming laptop with good power and graphics card I will not really use it for gaming.

Anyway can you tell me if this is a workable setup ( Please recommend other if this isn’t good)

I have 2 monitors covered already with existing vga and hdmi ports on the laptop so I’ll just focus on the next 2 monitors witch I can hopefully setup using your products.

Setup Requirements:

1: Buy your 10 port USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Hub: http://www.amazon.com/Plugable-SuperS… The reason I choose this is because I don’t want to take up all my usb ports on my laptop. I’m getting the USB hub because I read in your comments that video throughput is better and will avoid lagging more if im using usb 3.0 to connect my video.

2: Buy (2) Plugable usb 3.0 hdmi/dvi video graphics adapters. (note im getting higher end one you offer with higher resolution support in case I get better monitors in the future) http://www.amazon.com/Plugable-Graphi…

Now with the above purchased I plug the 2 plugable vdeo graphic adapters into the USB 3.0 hub and then plug my monitors DVI cables into the graphic adapters and all these in turn all plug into 1 usb 3.0 port on my laptop and I’m humming along with 4 usable monitors.

Does this sound like a setup that will work?
Thank you for any help you can offer…

Maybe I over complicated above and looks like one of your products will do what i want. http://www.amazon.com/Plugable-UD-390…

Didn’t see this during my amazon browsing at first. If this works does it include adapters needed to plug 2 dvi male monitor cables into the hub?


Hi Jason,

Thank you so much for posting the question here! I’d be happy to assist.
I am very impressed your post because you’ve given all the necessary information!

The short answer is, either options you mentioned can meet your requirements:
Option A: 1 x USB 3.0 Hub plus 2 x USB graphics adapters
Option B: 1 x UD-3900 docking station

Ultimately, I think it’s up to your preference, but most of the time the UD-3900 docking station is the most cost-effective. The UD-3900 is a kind of USB 3.0 Hub (that has 2 x USB 3.0, 4 x USB 2.0 ports). In addition to that, it has two video graphics ports (one DVI, one HDMI), the Gigabit Ethernet port and audio input/output in a unit. You can connect not only two external monitors but also other devices such as mouse and Ethernet cable through it with one USB cable from the laptop.

Please find the more details from here:

As you said, when connecting two monitors via DVI, you’ll need one HDMI-to-DVI port adapter. That adapter will not be included to the UD-3900, and I am sorry but we don’t sell that type of adapter/cable. Since there is very limited spaces available on the UD-3900 surface, we’d recommend an adapter cable but not a dongle adapter.
You should be able to find a good one in Amazon or at your local computer shops: if asked, many of our customers are using this one:

I hope I could have answered your questions! Please feel free to contact us at support@plugable.com if you needed any additional information, or have any other questions. Thanks again for having interests in our products!

Plugable Technologies

Thanks for the advice. I am no longer getting the laptop above but going with a smaller laptop (Alienware 14), but it also has 2 monitor ports and I’ll be buying your 3900 hub to connect the other 2 monitors. Love your support and thats my main reason for buying your companies affordable products. Thanks ( ps: might be back in here if i cannot get the thing working myself ) :slight_smile:


Thank you for following this and the kind words!
If there was anything we can do in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@plugable.com. We’re here to help!

Thanks again for choosing our products.

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