Will the usb docking station work with unbranded tablet

I have a best buy unbranded tablet and want to know if the pluggable usb will work with the unbranded tablet?

Hi David,

Thank you for posting the question here!

As long as your table is using Windows OS, it should work. But if your tablet has only a microUSB port, you’d need a USB OTG cable in order to connect with our universal docking stations (UD-3900 and UD-3000).

Our USB docking stations and other USB graphics adapters are all powered by DisplayLink technology. If the system was compatible with the DisplayLink driver, our USB graphics products would work. In order to check it, you can use the “System Compatibility Check Tool” from DisplayLink. Please download the tool from here:

But please remember, the USB graphics product requires quite a few system resources, and the performance is always the challenge with a low-end system. If the system isn’t powerful enough, you may be seeing the display lag or slowness on the display. I don’t recommend to set the monitors resolution very high, nor connecting multiple external monitors because of this performance concern.

In addition, if the table has only one microUSB port, most likely it’s used for the charging the tablet itself. If that the case, while you are connecting the docking station to that USB port, you cannot charge the tablet. Our universal docking stations don’t have any special functionality of charging the USB devices.
We actually have a special docking station UD-PRO8 for Dell Venue 8 Pro that can sync and charge at the same time, but since it’s designed for DV8P only, I don’t think that the docking station will be able to charge your tablet.

The details of UD-PRO8:

I hope this helps!

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