will the plugable work with HP ENVY 23-o014 All-in-One Desktop

This computer does not have a way to add another monitor. the HDMI is input not out.

Hello Sheila, thanks for posting and I’ll be happy to help! I had responded to you via email already, please see my below reply:

"We have not tested our dock with the HP ENVY 23-o014 and you don’t mention the model of monitors that you would like to connect, but I would expect our dock to work when connected to an up to date Windows system.

Please be aware that our dock required DisplayLink drivers to be installed to work. DisplayLink (the manufacturer of the chipset within our dock and the author of this drivers) has created a compatibility check tool here –> http://support.displaylink.com/knowle… to help determine if your system is compatible with the required software."

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies