Will the Plugable Easy Transfer Cable work with a NAS network drive?

Will the Plugable Easy Transfer Cable work in the following scenario?
I have a PC that is connected to a NAS network drive that I store my work files on. I want to connect my tablet to my PC using the sync cable, and sync a folder on the NAS drive, mapped on my PC, to a folder on my tablet. My tablet has no Ethernet so I cannot connect it directly to my NAS drive.
(I tried one sync cable already, and the company told me their cable isn’t designed to be used with network drives.)

We worked with Matt via our email support on this, but for anyone else who may find the information useful:
-The Windows Easy Transfer software will not address mapped drives.
-The Bravura Easy Computer Sync software (license included with purchase of the Plugable Windows Transfer Cable) will allow mapped drives to be accessed.

However, it was determined that the best-performing approach would be to use a USB ethernet adapter on the tablet to perform the periodic sync tasks.