Will older non-ASMEDIA 1053E Lay flat enclosure allow using >2TB drives with non-UEFI BIOS?

I have a Plugable Lay Flat enclosure, and may daughter also has one. I think that hers is newer, and the ASMEDIA 1053E chip and allows using > 2TB drives with PCs that don’t have UEFI bios.

However, the one I have is, I believe older, and uses the AS2105(?) chip. Will my enclosure allow me to use >2TB drives, the way that her enclosure does, or do I need to buy a newer version that has the ASMEDIA 1053E chip?

All of our Plugable Lay Flat enclosures are ASM1053E based. Our stand up dock is a ASM1051E or if a really old unit may be Lucid.

The biggest differences will be the firmware on the docks. Some use “sector emulation” that allow larger than 2TB drives on older Windows XP computers. Drives formatted in a dock with sector emulation cannot be read on a dock that does not have that feature (all of our newer docks).

The best way to find out is to try a drive formatted in the older dock in the new dock and see if the data can be read.