Will Gnome make Fedora Multi-Seat a "one Hit Wonder?"

Is there an ongoing replacement for Gnome 3 for Fedora Multi-seat? Gnome is dropping the fallback mode most effective for low end hardware. Will GDM run under something less CPU and GPU hungry than Gnome 3 usual Window Manager. Perhaps E17 or LXDE could be configured for Multi-seat use. Throwing this idea out may help Linux keep its unique multi-seat abilities. Wayland is still very rough, even for single seat sessions. I’d rather not have to wait for full multiseat under it. I have not seen any news of alternatives to Fedora 17 's Gnome.

Hi Jeffrey - I saw the same report of Gnome dropping fallback mode, and I’m also afraid of the same thing. I don’t know if other alternatives will appear - people seem obsessed with 3D eye candy at all costs (even if it hurts Linux’s strengths - embedded and things like multiseat).

In terms of Fedora multiseat specific stuff, LXDE could in theory be modified to integrate with systemd and its multiseat support, but I haven’t seen evidence of that yet.

David Airlie’s udl + xf86-video-modesetting support is also a related blessing and curse. It has at times broken the existing udlfb + xf64-video-fbdev support – but if it can be made to work, it offers the potential of making use of the main GPU, at least.

So, in the end - we’re seeing the same things coming down the road, but don’t see a clear answer yet. Sorry!

Gosh, that is disappointing. I remember reading about plug-and-play multiseat support in Fedora 17 with excitement. Has anything changed in the last 2 years?

I’m using Plugable UD-160-A with Fedora 21 Gnome 3.14 and it works perfect considering usb2.0 speed limitations.

Don’t know how it’ll work with Wayland default on Fedora 22 and Gnome 3.16, it seems like today are the last days of products wich uses DisplayLink DL-1x5 chips.

I’m hoping DisplayLink will make linux driver for next generation chips capable of working with usb3.1 or even typeC. It would be great to have one powerful pc in some cool closed and use it to power all user seats and tv consoles (pc + Plugable Station + Large TV + Steam Controller) with Plugable/DisplayLink stations.

Or maybe steam with steamos and steamlink will make such solution, and DisplayLink will be left only to make windows docking stations for adding more monitors to current user session.