Wi-Fi Adapter Refuses to Connect

We purchased a USB 2.0 Wi-Fi Adapter for an office computer that runs Windows XP. I had the computer wired directly to the modem and installed the driver, then disconnected the modem cable to use the adapter. The adapter recognizes that a Wi-Fi network exists, but refuses to connect to it. It lists the network as security enabled, tells us to click to connect and then says it can’t find the network. I *think* it might be related to the network security since it never gives me the option to enter the security key. Suggestions?

Hi Cindy,

Thanks for posting to ask! Quick question: from another machine with Wifi working, can you check what your office’s Wifi access point name is?

And then from Windows XP with the USB Wifi adapter – does it see that same name?

If we know we’re trying to connect to the right network, we can then move on to different Wifi security setting and options that might be at play:

Also, while we’re trying to solve this, feel free to connect the wired back up, so you can keep using the machine – we’ll be able to work on the access point questions even if wired internet is up.

Thanks for your patience!