Why is there a gap between my screens?

I am running a triple display setup on Windows 7. The main display is the laptop, 2nd display is using the dock’s VGA port, and the 3rd is using the Plugable UGA-SK-A. Using the Screen Resolution Setup, the laptop and the 2nd display (right of main) can be arranged so that they are touching each other. I drag the the 3rd display (left of main) so that it’s touching the main display. When I click OK or Apply, it moves the 3rd display away so that there’s a space/gap.

Hi Uy,

Interesting! Thanks for posting the screenshot.

I’m confused too - I’ve never seen Windows do this (and this would be something that’s under Windows’ control).

Some quick questions:

  1. Can you move your mouse from monitor #1 to monitor #2? (background: with several monitors, it’s possible to create gaps between monitors, and Windows won’t let the mouse move across gaps. I’m curious whether this gap has the same effect)

  2. If you slide the monitor labeled #2 up or down a little, does it come back in contact with #1?

  3. And if you move that same monitor above or below #1, will Windows leave it there?

Thanks! We’ll figure out what’s happening here.


  1. Yes, I can move the mouse from monitor #1 to monitor #2 but it takes a few extra motions with the mouse to get it there to bridge the gap.

  2. Interesting! When I move #2 slightly above #1, it comes back in contact and stays that way. However moving it slightly below still creates the gap.

  3. Yes moving above or below keeps it in contact.

I can live with the solution of having #2 slightly above #1. Thanks Bernie!

Glad to be able to help (even if we can’t explain all mysteries of Windows :slight_smile: ) Thank you!!

After some further digging around my display settings, I have figured out what was causing the gap. I had installed drivers to use my iPad as an extended display for my PC called Air Display. It was not in use which is why it didn’t show up in the Windows display settings. I use a program called UltraMon which is like a powertoy for mutliple display setups. Anyway, when I opened up the UltraMon display settings, the iPad driver was in between monitors #1 and #2 which is what caused the gap. So even though it wasn’t active, its “ghost” was taking up space!

On a side note, that iPad driver was also causing my Windows Aero to not work and I was stuck in basic mode, which made programs like Outlook and Word look like they were Windows 3.1. Killed two birds with one stone.

correct, air mouse caused me much headache on two of my systems. It is not useful enough to justify the problems it is plagued with.

I am having the same exact problem, except when moving the left screen up or down it does not stay in contact. Do you have any other solutions for this problem?

Hi Christina - thanks for posting. In most other cases, this has turned out to be 3rd party software (e.g. air mouse). I’d look for what software like that is installed, and uninstall ones that aren’t in use anymore, hoping to identify the culprit.

i had 2 monitors one bigger resolution than other, and saw the virtual gap, i resolved by making both monitors same resolution 1680x1050, issue is resolved.

I know the answer! lol

On the Screen Resolution settings, click on Identify button at the right side. You’ll probably see that the scree on your left-hand side says 1 and the one on the right says 2.

To resolve the gap, you just need to switch the cables. That’s all! Hope this helps

Cheers this worked for me, got a new graphics card installed at work and was worried it was something to do with that but this was a much easier solution lol