Why is the extended display directional option not available in Windows 7?

Hi, I am using the UGA-125. When I used it on a Windows XP machine, it gave the option to choose which direction the extended display would go (i.e. up, down, left, or right). Now that I’m using a Windows 7 machine, the option is no longer available in the system tray icon options. I guess I have two questions:

  1. Is there a way to achieve this in Windows 7 another way?
  2. Are there plans to reincorporate this feature in a future software release for Windows 7?

Thanks in advance for the assistance!

Thanks for posting!

Yes, in Windows XP the Windows-provided control panel (called “Display Properties”) had limited functionality, so DisplayLink provided more controls in their tray application.

In Windows 7, the operating system and its control panel (renamed to “Screen Resolution”) actually has a lot more functionality, and DisplayLink doesn’t need to bypass them any more.

So the DIsplayLink tray applet was simplified to steer people towards using Win7’s in-built UI, rather than a DisplayLink-specific UI. In fact, if you select either “DisplayLink Manager” or “Advanced Configuration…” from the applet menu, it’ll take you to the same place … the standard Win7 UI.


Just drag/drop the numbered monitor icons into the right position in the UI, to reflect how they really are on your desk (click “Identify” to display monitor numbers).

The nice thing about this is the way you’d configure left/right/etc is the same for any multi-monitor setup on Win7 - whether using DisplayLink or not. You get all the functionality, in a standard way.

But there are no plans for the left/right menu items specific to the XP DisplayLink UI to return.

Sorry, but let us know if you have any questions at all about the Windows 7 UI. It’s quite nice.

Hope that helps. Thanks again!

Great, that answered the question! Thank you.