Why have my speakers suddenly stopped working?

I am using Windows 8.1. The speakers show in sound devices as "Speakers USB Multimedia Device Default Device. Windows says the drivers are installed and the device is working properly.

The speakers are/is a Dell Sound Bar that hooks to the Dell ST2010 monitor. It has a power cord which is plugged in and an audio cord which I have plugged into the green input connection on the Plugable. As I said, this was working the other day.

I can get sound from the Dell Venue 8 Pro but the sound bar sounds much better and should be working.

I need some help.


Jim C.
guardsix6@gmail.com .

Hello Jim,

I assume you’re using our UD-PRO8 dock?

When you view the “Playback Devices” is the “USB Audio Device” set as the default?

If so, and you’re not getting sound, do you have another audio device to connect to the dock’s speaker output to try? Like headphones?

This way we can narrow the issue down to the dock or potentially the sound bar.

Best wishes,

After repeated re-boots of my Dell Venue 8 Pro, I’ve finally got the Dell Sound Bar working again. I do not know what changed except that it now works after about three re-boots.

There are two devices listed under Playback Devices:

Speakers, Intel SST Audio Device (WDM), Ready
Speakers, USB Multimedia Audio Device, Default Device

When on the first item, the sound came from the Dell Venue 8 Pro.
On the second, it comes from the Dell Sound Bar.

Again, it would not make a sound until I re-booted my entire system two or three times and then started working.

I had hooked up a pair of Sony SRS-A10 speakers (battery powered) and when plugged into the Plugable Pro8 Docking Station, they would not play either.

I haven’t tried them a second time since the Sound Bar is back.

Thanks for your help but I seemed to have solved the problem, some how???

Glad to hear it worked out. If this happens again contact us at http://plugable.com/support/email and we might want to try sending you a replacement dock just in case.