Why does my monitor not display You Tube when I select the full screen mode of You tube?

What is displayed on the monitor following expanding to full You Tube mode is a picelated version of the original screen that appears as the pointer is moved across the blank monitor screen.

Hi Gary - Thanks for posting. You’re running Windows XP, right?

Quick question: do you know the laptop make and model, and the make and model of monitor that is attached to the USB device?

We want to figure out if performance of that machine @ that resolution might be contributing.

Also, while we’re researching, you might want to make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest DisplayLink driver from http://displaylink.com/support/downlo…

Thanks for providing those makes & models!

I’m running a Dell Inspiron 600M with an Acer X233H LCD Monitor. Would appreciate any recommendations for correcting this problem. Thanks.

Thanks for your quick reply! Ok, let’s figure out what’s going on.

The Acer X233H has a native resolution of 1920x1080, so if you’ve not adjusted that, you’re running a high-end resolution that’s going to push things.

The Dell Inspiron 600M has a Pentium M 725 1.60GHz Processor, 2MB L2-Cache, which is unfortunately below our minimum specs (2Ghz or 2 cores or better) for USB graphics. USB graphics are “virtual” in that they rely on the CPU to render and then transmit final pixels over USB.

So it’s quite possible the CPU isn’t able to keep up with all the work happening for that full-screen video case at 1920x1080 on that processor.

Even on higher-end processors, we recommend full screen motion video (like DVDs, etc.) on your main (non-USB monitors). So definitely for the class of machine you have, that’s what you may have to do.

Another possible alternative: If you adjust the resolution of the monitor down from 1920x1080 (via Windows’ Display Properties control panel), it will be less load. Adjust down to 720p (1280x720) or similar, to explore an alternative.

Hope that helps. And sorry we don’t have a happier answer - again, this machine is below our minimum specs. On XP, it should work well for web and normal application use at 1920x1080, but motion video and 3D are best done on your main laptop display.

Let us know if we can do anything to help. Email support@plugable.com anytime.

Thanks for your patience!