Why does my accessory monitor have a blank black screen after installing Windows 10?

I had already installed windows 10 and both monitors were working, but I had many issues with windows 10, so I went back to windows 8.1. Unfortunately, windows 8.1 kept trying to install windows 10 as part of the update process. I could not stop it, so I finally had to let it re-install windows 10. From the beginning of the above process to now, my accessory monitor screen is blank black.

I look at trouble shooting and tried to uninstall Display Link and reinstall, but ‘the system’ would not let me uninstall the old program or reinstall the new one.

The accessory monitor works fine when bypassing the Plugable dock and plugged directly into my computer. I already have to plug my external speakers directly into the computer due to very inferior sound quality running through the Plugable. Avoiding having to unplug and re-plug everything whenever I use my laptop away from the office is the reason I got the dock in the first place.

Hi John,

Thanks for posting. I’d be happy to help!

I see you already reached out to us via our direct email support address. I sent a direct response to your original query a short time ago. In case that email did not find it’s way to you, my original response is below. If those steps don’t help, please reply to my original email so we can determine the next steps.

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"Hi John,

Thanks for contacting us. I’m sorry your Plugable product isn’t working properly. I’d be happy to help!

We’ve outline our best procedures for upgrading to Windows 10 when using our products here –> http://plugable.com/2015/07/27/window…, and based on your description we’ll want to clean the DisplayLink driver from your system and re-install the latest for Windows 10. Please follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect the Plugable product from your system.
  2. Download, extract and run the DisplayLink cleaner software –> http://www.displaylink.com/downloads/… to remove the driver from the system.
  3. Run Windows Update (Start > Settings > Update & security). Reboot when prompted. Repeat this process until there are no new updates found. This is important as Microsoft has been releasing frequent updates
  4. Install the DisplayLink drivers from this link –> http://www.displaylink.com/downloads/…. Connect your Plugable product when prompted during the installation.
  5. Reboot after the installation completes, and if all goes well, things should be working as expected once you’re back in Windows.

Hopefully that gets everything going again in Windows 10.Please let us know the results when you have a moment and we can determine the next steps from there.

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies

Similar story. On 3 month old HP 23-P110 AIO, I upgraded from Win 8 to Win 10 (upgrade, not a clean install). Displaylink UGA 165 continued to work fine. Had issues with USB performance (dropouts on USB audio device, stuttering mouse on wireless USB) so I engaged HP help and they uninstalled the two USB root hubs. When I rebooted, the 2nd display was dark (and the green light on the UGA 165 was off). I uninstsalled the Displaylink software, downloaded the latest 7.9, installed and the green light was back on but still dark 2nd monitor. According to windows, there were two monitors. I then followed the instructions above (three times) but same symptom (green light on, monitor dark, windows sees 2 monitors connected). I have an older Lenovo desktop that was also upgraded to Win 10. I followed the instructions above on that machine and got the same results.

I tried to install version 7.8 (since as noted above, it worked in Win 10 until I uninstalled the USB root hubs). Install program says that it’s not supported on Win 10.

Turned out to be a bad DVI cable (I usually don’t believe in coincidence).

Hi Rob,

Sorry for the troubles but glad you were able to trace the issue to the bad DVI cable. More often than you would expect when attached displays aren’t working the issue does come down to the cables. Thanks for the follow-up!

Plugable Technologies