Why does 7 port hub cause iMac to be restarted after going to sleep? Does the 10 port hub do the same?

I have an iMac. A reviewer on amazon said your 7 port hub would not let the iMac wake up with a tap on the keyboard.

Do you promise that the 10 port hub will allow my imac to wake up when I put it to sleep but tapping the keyboard. I do not want to have to restart my machine I am using osx 10.5 and moving to 10.6



Hi John,

Thanks for asking the question! I would expect the behavior to be the same between the two. We saw the same review, and are trying to contact that customer to figure out what’s keeping keyboards and mice attached through the powered hub from waking his system, and if we can solve it.

We do know there are reports of similar issues with powered hubs in general on the iMac – the iMac seems to be having special problems in this area. See http://discussions.apple.com/message… for discussion.

And we know some Macs are fine. I have a MacBook here running 10.6.5, and there is definitely no problem waking the Mac with either keyboard or mouse, from either our 7 or 10 port hubs.

Part of the reason Apple may not be moving quickly on this is the alternative is to use the power button or a USB device connected directly to the system to wake it.

A quick proposal – If you’re willing to test and then work with us if you hit any problems with the 10 port hub on your iMac, I’d like to send you a free unit. If you’re interested, just email your shipping address and phone number to support@plugable.com, and we’ll get one headed to you.

Either way, we’ll follow up here with the results for the benefit of everyone else.

Thanks again for posting,

Many thanks. Your support is positively fantastic.


Thanks for sending the 10 port hub.

I have done extensive, at lease extensive to my ability, testing of the hub.

I have had a Cannon printer / scanner, three external hard drives ranging in age from four months to five years, an external DVD burner and two iPads all plugged in at the same time.

I have experienced no problems of any kind with the Plugable 10 port hub, my iMac has no problem waking up when asleep. I am using 10.5.8 and in a few months will move up to 10.6 or the new system coming out later this year.

I have no problem recommending this fine hub and would be pleased to answer any questions potential buyers may have.

John Axtell