Why do the monitors act funny when switching between them?

I just wanted to say thanks on my previous question with regards to purchasing the product. Now that I have the two Plugable USB Docking stations, I am trying to see how to best go about it. I hooked up both Dell monitors to the docking stations and then my Samsung monitor to my laptop. Unfortunately, my mouse disappears as I move from screen to screen. The only way I can reveal it is by double clicking it and letting it show itself on the monitor I double-clicked on.

However, when I double-click, it leads to another problem. Let’s say I have Firefox open on my 3rd monitor (Dell connected to the USB Docking station) and I decide to go to my 2nd screen (Samsung connected to the laptop (VGA)). When I double-click on the 2nd screen, the Firefox on the 3rd monitor acts all funny and only parts of it show. It isn’t until the mouse highlights through the missing parts on the 3rd screen does it show up little by little (based on the path made by the mouse).

I am hoping this is an easy fix because it was so easy to setup and install!!!


Hi Daniel,

Glad they arrived quickly!

It’s easy to lose track of the mouse with many monitors. The Windows 7 Mouse Properties control panel has some features which can help in that case.


But the behavior you’re describing sounds like it’s beyond that - a problem with painting the screen correctly.

Two suggestions to try before we dig deeper:

* After the DisplayLink driver installs, it will prompt for a reboot. Sometimes people will ignore that, and things will mostly work … but there can be problems because it’s not fully up with everything it needs. Have you already rebooted since install?
* If that doesn’t do it, install the latest DisplayLink drivers (version 5.5 dated Sept 29) from http://displaylink.com/support/downlo…

If the paint issue is still there, we’ll need to look at what GPU you have. If you can send laptop make/model, we can look that up.

Thanks for your patience while we get this figured out!