which one to buy?

so, at the moment, whats my choice for a 1902x1080 monitor if im using a 2010 Macbook Pro? im goona buy real soon but i need to confirm which one to.

Hi Oktavio!

Thanks for your post and for your question!

Some months ago there were issues with 2010 Macbooks that had switchable graphics cards (15/17" MBPs), but those problems have now been solved.

For a lot more info, please look at this thread here.

As it stands now, those issues have been resolved with the latest DisplayLink drivers which can be found here.

If you’re running 10.7, you’ll need the Beta 2 driver - can be found here

Resolution wise, the 1920x1080 monitor is supported by most of our products. The ones you need to avoid are the DL-125 based chips. If your monitor has a VGA input, even our cheapest, Plugable USB-VGA-165 supports 1920x1080, no problem.

If you do need DVI, next up is the Plugable UGA-165.

Hope this helps!

Please let us know if you have any more questions!


heeey!! thanks for such a quick response!!!

now… i really dont mean to bother you with all these questions but…

i really dont know what do i need…
this is the monitor im buying soon…


would you bee soo kind to tell me if it has VGA or DVI?

also… do you guys ship to mexico? how would i go about that?

thanks in advance!

making me happy already.

As Lampros mentioned, the Mac drivers are beta-level (which practically means the 3D and motion video support is rougher than Windows, but the 2D support is solid - USB 2.0 graphics adapters are not targeted for 3D/motion video anyway).

That monitor model is DVI-only, so our product that matches 1-1 with it is the http://plugable.com/products/uga-165.

However, we have a blocking issue - we don’t have a way to reach Mexico today, I’m sorry! Our North American distribution is limited to what Amazon.com supports for electronics, and that’s limited to the USA.

We’ve just recently launched distribution to the EU, and we’ll certainly be looking for ways to add Mexico in the future.

So I’m sorry, while we have a matching product, we unfortunately can’t get that solution to you.

Hope the information we provided is a help, however, in the solution you settle on. Thanks again,

man… you guys rock at custumer service!

im not really worried about the 3D motion stuff… as basically what i do is music production and i just need an extra display for the virtual mixing console, which i assume shouldnt require a lot of gpu…

now… just one last question. would this product reduce the performance of my system?

i have a way of having the product delivered to me so the shipping does not worry me.

USB graphics adapters are “virtual”, in much of the work that a GPU might do, is done by the CPU (and then the CPU compresses final pixels to go over USB 2.0’s 480Mbps bus), so it unavoidably introduces a system load when pixels are changing (when nothing is changing on the screen, the hardware in the adapter is refreshing the display, with no CPU involvement).

That load varies based on how many pixels are changing (thus what resolution you’re at and what you’re running). And Mac is a little slower than Windows, especially at high resolutions like 1920x1080. You will notice some lag at that resolution.

But on modern CPUs (we recommend 2GHz or dual core or better), most people don’t notice the load. And certainly your MBP is a higher-end system with great specs.

So I think with your usage, your expectations should be met. Worse case, you’d want to tradeoff lower resolution (below 1920x1080) to improve performance.

Hope that helps. Thanks again!