Which of your USB adapters support PPPS (Per Port Power Switching)?

Dear support team,

I am currently looking for a USB host adapter that supports per port power switching. I know that at least two of your products support this (USB2-HUB10S and USB2-HUB-AG7), unfortunately both are not available in Germany right now. (USB2-HUB-AG7 from UK has wrong power plug).

Can you provide a list of hubs that support this feature?
That would be awesome and greatly appreciated.



Hello Rolf,

I am sorry to say, we do not have any other USB hubs that support PPPS and this UK batch is also the last of the remaining USB-HUB-AG7 USB hubs.

Kind regards,
Plugable Technologies

Dear Patric, thanks for answering!

Thats unfortunate. I really think if you promoted one of you models as “the perfect Raspberry Pi USB Hub”, you’d be able to sell.

Remote power cycling of USB attached devices totally makes sense in the Raspi et.al ecosystem.

Thanks again,