Which of y'all's USB hubs require a button press to enable after power is connected?

Hello! I’m looking at these three Pluggable USB hubs:

Some reviews and past discussions say the hubs have “momentary” power buttons that have to be manually pressed every time power is reapplied before the hub will operate. That, unfortunately, doesn’t work for my use case. (My system is on a UPS and I expect it to be fully functional after power is returned, even unattended.)

But I can’t tell which of these hubs, if any, still feature that functionality. The pictures y’all have online for the two “BC” hubs don’t show any physical power buttons. Have they been removed? (I hope so! :slight_smile:)

As for the USB3-HUB7C hub, its product picture does show a power button in the rear, but I can’t tell if it’s momentary (requiring a manual press to power on every time) or a toggle (so it can be left in the “on” configuration indefinitely).

Thanks for any clarification that folks can provide!

Hi there,

That is a great question, and I would be happy to help!

    • No power button is present on the hub.
    • Keep the included power adapter connected, and the hub will continue to provide power upon power reset.
    • This hub does have a power button on the back that requires you to press it manually each time a power reset occurs.
  • USB3-HUB7C
    • Power button toggle.
    • Single press, and it will remain on.

Because of your use case, we would not recommend the USB3-HUB7BC.

I hope this helps, and thank you for giving us the chance to help!

Plugable Technologies

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