Which is the ideal hub for my Lenovo Flex 5 -1570 laptop

which is the ideal hub for my Lenovo Flex 5 -1570 laptop

i am aware that Lenovo flex5 does not have thunderbold USB-c and hence does not support charging via that port (Only Data).

with that said, which is the best plugable hub that will support 2 external monitors via HDMI ports?
If I use a USB-C to USB 3.0 adaptor can I leverage my flex5’s USB-C port to drive 2 external monitors? I prefer the hub to have 2 HDMI ports rather than using a DVI port. Can you please provide some recommendations?

thanks for your help and response
Sam Seelam

Hi Sam,

Thanks for posting!

We don’t recommend our USB-C docking stations to be used in combination with USB-C to USB-A adapters.

You may want to consider our USB 3.0 docks, such as our UD-3900 or UD-3900H. These can drive up to two 1080p displays via one HDMI port and one DVI port (or VGA with the included DVI-to-VGA adapter). If you’re limited to the use of the HDMI inputs on the monitors, you’ll need a DVI-to-HDMI cable in this case.

Additionally, they provide gigabit Ethernet connectivity as well as a total of six USB ports (two USB 3.0 ports, four USB 2.0 ports). The main difference between the two is their form factor (horizontal versus vertical) as well as the port placements. Please see their product pages for more information and feel free to choose the one you might prefer:

-Plugable USB 3.0 UD-3900 Dual Display Universal Docking Station; https://plugable.com/products/ud-3900
-Plugable USB 3.0 UD-3900H Dual Monitor Horizontal Docking Station: https://plugable.com/products/ud-3900h/

We do offer a USB 3.0 docking station with two HDMI output ports, but this is a 4K docking station, so we would only really recommend this if you have 4K monitors.

Hope this helps!


Thank you so much for your detailed response. You guys r amazing with customer service
The last item in your response , can u please provide a link for the dual HDMI ports for 4K monitors?
Thank you

Hi Sam,

You’re welcome!

You can find the Plugable USB 3.0 UD-6950H Dual 4K Display Docking Station on our website: https://plugable.com/products/ud-6950h

Please let me know if you have any further questions and I’d be happy to help.



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