which drivers to use with pluggable usb 3.0 Ethernet adapter on windows 2000 32 bit system?


I’ve tried installing driver using the setup on the cd provided with the adapter and system doesn’t find the driver. I’ve tried the download AX88179_178A_WinXP_Vista_32bit_Driver_v1.4.2.0_WHQL.zip which installs ok but adapter doesn’t work.


Hi Don,

Thanks for posting. Unfortunately ASIX (who makes the chips in our adapters) doesn’t offer drivers for Windows 2000. We’re not aware of any USB network adapters with Windows 2000 support (our older USB 2.0 model does not have Win2k drivers either).

So the best approach will be to use our no-hassle 30 day return policy using the automated system at: amazon.com/returns