Which devices do I need?

All, I have a Lenovo T430 and 2 external monitors (both have VGA Inputs) - I’m looking to use 3 displays simultaneously (Laptop + both monitors). The T430 has 2 USB 3.0 connectors - Can you please give me some technical direction as to which Plugable devices I would need to acquire.

Ideally, my end goal with my configuration is to be able to bring my laptop in from work, sit at my desk and plug in the Power and a Single USB and away I go?

I’m assuming I would need to have a Plugable USB3.0 Docking station, but what else do I need?

Hi Jonathan-

Thanks for posting with your question!

Since you mention already having two external displays, I’d like to verify how these are currently connected before getting into recommendations. Are both these external displays connected directly to the laptop?

Since the T430 is a series of laptop from Lenovo, having the full model number from the sticker on the bottom of the system will also be helpful, as is knowing whether this is a Windows 7, 8, or older Windows version.

With a few additional details I’m confident we can make a great recommendation!

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Jeff Everett
MCITP Enterprise Support Technician
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I have a plain vanilla Lenovo - T430 - there is no sticker on the bottom. It is running Windows 7 - I just got it and it is a corporate laptop, so I have no desire to update, nor reason to believe that I will be going to Windows 8 anytime soon.

Right now I only have 1 monitor (Dell E1910H) connected to my laptop via the VGA output on the T430. I have a second monitor (ViewSonic VX2235WM) that I tested via the VGA output but not currently connected (thus what I’m trying to connect) because the T430 only can support a single monitor (in addition to the native screen).

Ideally, I want all three displays active at the same time - I also want some configuration

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for the additional details. I recommend using our UD-3000 docking station in combination with our USB3-VGA display adapter:


The USB3-VGA adapter can be connected to a USB 3 port on the UD-3000 dock, so that you will only need to connect one USB cable for the dock into your laptop.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any additional questions!



Since VGA is kind of old - can I use your HDMI adapter with a VGA converter?

Also - does the UD-3000 come with an HDMI to VGA converter?


Hi Jonathan,

UD-3000 has a built-in DVI port, and comes with a DVI-HDMI converter and DVI-VGA converter. Are you anticipating to switch to monitors with HDMI outputs in the future? If your monitors do not currently have HDMI output, there’s nothing to be gained from using a HDMI-VGA converter, the signal you get out of it is still a VGA analog signal.

We don’t currently carry any HDMI-VGA converters. These adapters actually introduce a lot more complexity as it’s no longer a simple passive adapter, since it needs to convert a purely digital HDMI signal to analog VGA. Whereas DVI connections carry both the digital and analog signals, converting to VGA only requires stripping down.

Hope this helps.


Sorry - misspoke (typed) in the land of acronyms.

I meant to type DVI->VGA adapter. I guess what I’m asking should I look to purchase a USB3.0 with DVI output module and does it come with a DVI -> VGA adapter?


Ah, no problem. The UD-3000 comes with built-in DVI port, as well as a DVI/VGA adapter.

For a slightly higher cost than the USB3-VGA adapter, you can get our UGA-3000 display adapter which is USB to DVI, and comes with a DVI/VGA converter: