Which device do you recommend?

I’m in need of a docking station that will accept dual monitors (4k not necessary although I’d like the option), 2-3 usb ports (monitor, keyboard, mouse) and power. I’d like to have to just plug in one c-hub into my laptop.I have a Huawei Matebook X Pro.

Does Plugable provide a docking station that has dual 4k HDMI/DP, power delivery, ethernet, usb, etc?

Hi Jordan,

Thanks for reaching out to us about a docking station for your Huawei Matebook X Pro!

Based upon our reports from customers our UD-ULTCDL triple display docking station should be a perfect fit based on your needs:

This dock can charge, add extra expansion for USB, audio, and Ethernet as well as offering up to three screens. It can support one 4K screen at 30Hz with two 1080p screens at 60Hz.

We have a slight upgrade version of this dock, our UD-ULTC4K, which can support one 4K screen at 30Hz with two 4K screens at 60Hz. https://plugable.com/products/ud-ultc4k

Thank you!

Joshua Henry

Plugable Technologies

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