Where can this be purchased in the US? Amazon says not available!



Hi Dean,

Thanks for posting! Our USB-C Power Delivery Sniffer (aka USBC-TKEY) has proven popular so we are unfortunately out of stock while we are waiting for the next production run. Our current estimate for availability is in early March.

Thanks for your patience while we work to make more!

Plugable Technologies


Why will it take so long for the production run? Isn’t this an active for sale product?


Hi Dean,

Thanks for getting back. We do our best to anticipate sales to help determine stock levels, but on occasion we get caught off guard as we have here. A lot of factors can determine the lead time to manufacture any product and unfortunately early March is our best estimate.

If you need a solution right away, you may wish to consider the version made available by Total Phase here -> http://www.totalphase.com/products/us… as it is based on the same Google ‘twinkie’ design as our unit. Of course it goes without saying we have not tested their version of the device, cannot guarantee its performance/suitability or provide support for another manufacturers product but I make mention in the hopes you find it useful given your time frame.

Thank you,



Thanks. I’ll try them.