Where are Plugable's products manufactured??

Where are Plugable’s products made? I have found that products made in China frequently exhibit sub-par reliability and functionality so I try to steer clear of those.

Hi Allen - Thanks for posting! The products are assembled in China. If you find mass-market products of this type (PC peripherals) that are manufactured anywhere else, we’d be curious to hear about it.

That said, the key to nearly all of these consumer electronics products is the main chipset inside, which is why we try to be transparent in our Amazon product listings about which chips we use (across our family of graphics/audio/network/hub products – DisplayLink, C-Media, ASIX, Terminus Tech, etc).

The main chipset in these two hub products is the Terminus Technology FE 2.1 chipset, which is designed in Taiwan. We believe this is the best USB 2.0 chipset available on the market overall – it has great error handling and power handling characteristics (including low power consumption of the hub chipset itself), and has a more modern & clean design than any other alternative – all this adds up to why you’ll see in reviews of our hubs, reports of a better overall experience with all the different devices they have, verses hubs they’ve had in the past.

You can get all the gory details on these chips at http://terminus-tech.com/English/prod…

Again, thanks for your question! I hope this extra information helps make the best choice in product.

Thank you!