Where and how to Form a wide open Linux Multi-seat Forum. Suggestions Please?

I am thinking about starting a forum for multiseat linux ideas and discussion. Ideally it would be vendor and distro neutral. Fedora and Plugable have done great work in this area. I would like to help create, or expose, efforts in the Multi seat area, to expand and assist its growth and acceptance. Linux itself grew from open cross-pollenation of this kind.

PS Once we nail USB 2.0 multiseat , there’s always USB 3.0!

Hi Jeffrey,

That’s a great idea. We tried to do that with the post-Kickstarter crowd, but it never got much momentum: https://groups.google.com/forum/?from…

But it would be great to have a vendor-neutral location, absolutely!

If you were to start a fresh one now, which site / system would you recommend? We would be happy to hop on your bandwagon …

Thanks for your interest and ideas here!

I think you have a fine bandwagon already. Google was my first thought too. That is why I posted here before creating a group there. Right now the Group lacks both Visibility and Content. Content can be mined from posts here, with poster permissions and support.

Visibility can be helped by posting the Groups existence on many Linux Websites, Forums, Blogs, and Usenet Groups. Multi-seat Linux is a new animal. It leverages Linux, modern X and Systemd in new ways. It is a new take on the Linux Terminal Server idea of lightweight seats running on inexpensive / used Hardware, providing a quality desktop experience.

It is actually a Linux counter culture, both retro and fresh. It uses the newest ideas to recreate the old Linux idea of N seats per system, instead of the mainstream idea of creating the best Single seat experience. We need to connect those wanting to work on the cutting edge of Linux ( Arch hackers? ) with the hardware and budget stretching LTSP community. We need to get the word out, We’re Lean, We 're Green, and We have something for Everybody.