When will the Plugable TBT3-UDV Docking Station support Bootcamp?

The TBT3-UDV Docking Station works great for me with a MacBookPro 15" (2017), complete with dual monitors (neither are 4K). But I recently installed a Windows partition via Bootcamp and was severely disappointed to find that the USB ports and clamshell will not work while using the Docking Station.

Are there plans to support this eventually?

Hi Jason,

Thanks for posting. We’d certainly like to support Bootcamp in the future with the TBT3-UDV! But at this point in the investigation, it’s difficult to say with certainty if the issues will be solvable, and if so, in what time-frame.

So while we don’t have any specifics we can share at this point, we are definitely continuing to investigate what can be done to resolve the compatibility issues.