When is an AC Adapter necessary?

I have purchased several Plugable DC-125 USB 2.0 Docking Clients and will be investing in more in the near future since they have been working so well with Windows Multipoint Server. However, before purchasing more, I would like to know when would it be necessary to use an AC adapter with the docking clients. For example, would it be necessary to use AC adapters when connecting more than eight docking clients to one PC? Any advice would be most greatly appreciated so that I can determine if I need to purchase AC adapters as well. Thanks.

Hi bpe.tech1

Thanks for posting your question here at Plugable Support about using a power supply with the DC-125. As long as the upstream USB port is able to provide the full 500mA you won’t need the power supply with the DC-125. It’s designed to split the available power from a standard USB port between the audio, video, and mouse/keyboard connections.

If you are going to be connecting through a USB hub, you’ll need to make sure that it’s a powered hub and then not exceed the available power as each Docking Station draws near the 500mA spec.

Thanks for your inquiry, let us know if there’s anything else we can help with?


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can the power supply be used anyway… for example if you want to connect a usb hard drive/flash drive


Hi khalifaht,

Absolutely. It can be connected to a 5V / 2.5A power supply for added power if you want to connect a hard drive.

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