What to buy for 1080p HDTV

Hi, I have a toshiba M305-S4848 laptop with a graphic card “Mobile Intel ® 4 series express chipset family” and “generic PnP Monitor”, and I want to hook it up to 1920x1080 HDTV (Samsung DLP 60"). I know this device can support the TV, but is it limit to the max resolution of the laptop (1200x800) or can it support it regardless. I know that other adapters comment about his problem, and I figured I should ask before buying. P.S. I have win Vista 64 bit, but I am going to upgrade to win 7 64 bit. Also, will the HDMI supports the sound as well? Thanks in advance.

Hi Israel - Thanks for asking ahead, and sorry for the slow reply! There’s a few things to consider about the TV scenario.

This laptop looks good - Intel graphics. Core 2 Duo (which is good, but low-end for this use - see later on performance). No compatibility red flags. Win7 works better than Vista for multimonitor (less resources, better UI).

The USB graphics adapter isn’t limited by the main graphics - it will support all the modes up to the USB adapter’s max.

TVs vary in terms of PC compatibility. Most work fine, but the most common problem is TVs not returning EDID information, which PCs need to determine what modes and timings the TV supports.

Our graphics adapters like the UGA-2K-A are graphics devices only (including over HDMI). So to get graphics + audio support over the single HDMI cable, you would want to look at our new http://plugable.com/products/usb-hdmi…

And, lastly, performance. Especially with ath CPU, but also in general, we never recommend playing motion video over USB graphics adapters at 1080p. For applications and web it’s fine, but for motion video, you’re going to want to switch modes to 720p (1280x720) to get a consistent frame rate.

So several things to think about. We hope that helps. Thanks again for asking ahead!