What speed charging for a Nintendo Switch using the USB-C5TX?

There’s little detail available yet that I can find for the Nintendo Switch’s charging capabilities. The official power adapter appears to support higher voltage, so it can charge the dock + switch, or just the switch. I just care about charging the switch (with joycons attached).

If I have the following connection, what rate will the switch charge at?

USB-C5TX USB to USB Type-C Nintendo Switch console w/joycons attached

I ask because I want it to charge the battery while still being able to play Zelda Breath of the Wild (which sucks battery quickly).

Thank you!

Of course, I now find some unofficial information:


The console appears to support the following as a sink:
Default USB == 0.5A (too slow!)
USB-BC == 1.5A (OK! but, not clear which version…)
Type-C Current == 2.0A (Better…)
USB-PD == 5V/9V/12V/15V at up to 2A

The official AC adapter supports the above, with the following adjustments:
Type-C Current == limited to 1.5A
USB-PD == 5V at up to 1.5A, or 15V at up to 2.6A

I know the USB-C5TX doesn’t support USB-PD. :slight_smile:
It appears using USB-BC, the Switch will try to negotiate a draw of 1.5A.

Modified question: Will the USB-C5TX charge the Nintendo Switch at 1.5A?