What kind of audio output is used....

I purchased a http://plugable.com/products/USB2-HDM… a year or so ago. I’m trying to get the output to work with my HDMI to SDI converter. However, the converter only does PCM audio. What kind of HDMI audio output does the adapter above support?

Hi John,

Thanks for asking. The two devices should be compatible at the PCM level, so I’m not sure what might be going wrong.

Can you say – what version of Windows are you using, and have you already opened the Windows “Sound” control panel and switched your default audio device over to the USB adapter?

Windows will only output sound to a single adapter at a time, so that switch needs to be done to get audio from a USB audio device (like this USB HDMI adapter).

Thanks for letting us know - we’ll figure out next steps from there. Thanks!