What is the power requirement for USB3-10m?


Your site says it comes with a 12V AC adapter, but the actual adapter that I received with the cable is a 120VAC -> 5VDC 2000ma adapter.

Ideally, I would like to (and can) power the cable with a regulated 12V DC power source, but I’m confused as to whether the cable will support 12VDC, given that the standard power brick that came with it is 5VDC/2A.

Alternatively, I could supply it with a regulated 5VDC/1A power supply, but not sure if that’s sufficient (e.g. I’d need up to 2 amps). I normally connect the cable to my Surface Pro and to a USB 3.0 Hub. The hub has three USB 2.0 cameras, a stepper motor driver, and a USB->RS232 com port (think Prolific chipset) cable that all plug into the hub. No devices that plug into the cable, or the hub require “charging”. They are all standard USB 2.0 devices.

Thanks in advance!





Hi Dave,

Thanks for letting us know about this typo, we’ll get it corrected on our listings ASAP. Yes, the 5V adapter is the correct and expected adapter for this product.

If your USB devices do not require power delivery through the USB extension cable, then they should all work fine. I would just attach the USB hub to the end of the USB extension cable.

Is the USB hub powered with its own power supply? If not, you could solve any power demands with an AC powered USB hub attached to the USB extension cable.

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OK, so if the USB devices are not drawing power, then no need to power the extension cable itself. The Hub is powered, yes. So, sounds like I can just power the hub, and leave the cable unpowered.